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Book Reviews
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5 Minute Bedtime Stories
by Helen Lester

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I didn't like how the elephant was mean.

Almost American Girl
by Robin Ha

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Wonderful memoir from a Korean girl, brought to the US when she was an eighth grader. Learning English, making friends, missing Korea, and feeling out of place. By high school she has landed in a more diverse school, found like-minded friends, and her art takes her to college.

First Day Critter Jitters
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We loved this book, especially since it is about being nervous about the first day of school!

by Jim Ottaviani

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This book does a great job of portraying Stephen Hawking as a real person, full of stubborn flaws and a sense of humor. I even feel like I came to understand some of his theories a little bit better, thanks to the diagrams he's constantly thinking about! There are a lot of formulas written on chalkboards in the background, but don't let that intimidate you - I don't think you need to understand any of them to follow the story. The text explains the art in context, and at any rate, the formulas are constantly being reformulated as theories are updated! It's a better biography than his books of essays, for sure.

So You Want To Talk About Race
by Ijeoma Oluo

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This was engaging, conversational book about the reality of life as a person of color. I recommend it to everyone

by Jenn Harney

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Great book! Very silly! I liked when he wore the underwear as hair. I would tell my friend Cooper about this book.

The Life of a Colonial Schoolteacher
by Andrea Pelleschi

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I read this book called the The Life of a Colonial Schoolteacher, in this book it talks about the life of a colonial schoolteacher I like this book because I like the time period in this book the schoolteacher teaches at her house, the kids also do chores!

Between The World And Me
by Ta-nehisi Coates

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Beautiful and poignant letter to his son explaining how he was raised as a black boy and how he has tried to protect his son in this world.

by Madeline Miller

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The Subtle Knife
by Phillip Pullman

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The Subtle Knife is a fantastic book! It is about a boy named Will. He finds a portal to a new world and meets a girl named Lyra. They go on lots of adventures to save the world! This is a great book!

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