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Book Reviews
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by Terrance Hayes

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I liked the way the sounds bounce around, back and forth, returning to themes again and again within a single poem and throughout the work. There's an interesting variety of influences here!

Anne Frank's Diary
by Anne Frank

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This diary gives you a better understanding of what life was like during this time. It also takes you through the interesting life of a young girl.

Addie and Max
by Scholastic

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I like how Addie and Max ride bikes and bury a tooth and play with Ginger the dog and become friends!

Above The Bay Of Angels
by Rhys Bowen

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A decent historical novel that imagines the life of a female cook in the kitchens of Queen Victoria.

Outcast Of Redwall
by Brian Jacques

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*this book's characters are all animals, but talk and act mostly like humans* The book starts off on a snowy day. A hawk gets battered by the snow, and crashes into some trees. He gets noticed by a nearby camp, and their evil leader, Swartt. however, during the night, the badger Swartt imprisoned in the camp frees the hawk. The two escape, and the badger smashes Swartt's well-known six-clawed paw with a large tree limb. they run far away, and the hawk calls the badger sunflash, as it didn't know it's old name. They go far, eventually they make it to Salamandastron, a huge stronghold carved into an inactive valcano. The place is also where warrior badgers like sunflash are destined to end up. Swartt builds up an army of stoats, rats, foxes, and other creatures, wanting revenge on Sunflash for destroying his paw. Meanwhile, Swartt's abandoned and forgotten child gets found by some members of Redwall Abbey, and they to their best to raise him, (naming him Veil) but nothing good comes out of him. However, one day, after stealing a honey pot, he attempts to poison someone as revenge for yelling at him. He is caught, and kicked out of the Abbey, declared outcast. at the mountain, Salamandastron, the two armies meet. Swartt and his horde, and Sunflash with the fighting hares of Salamandastron. The rest is for you to read!

Ruby Holler
by Sharon Creech

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I think Ruby Holler is a great book and has a great idea, it shows that having a loving family and a true home is one of the most important things in life. I think it shows that there will always be someone out there that thinks that you are worth their life.

by Jim Ottaviani

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This book does a great job of portraying Stephen Hawking as a real person, full of stubborn flaws and a sense of humor. I even feel like I came to understand some of his theories a little bit better, thanks to the diagrams he's constantly thinking about! There are a lot of formulas written on chalkboards in the background, but don't let that intimidate you - I don't think you need to understand any of them to follow the story. The text explains the art in context, and at any rate, the formulas are constantly being reformulated as theories are updated! It's a better biography than his books of essays, for sure.

by Madeline Miller

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Pearls Of Lutra
by Brian Jaques

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In this book, an evil pine martin and his army of rats and moniter lizards try to steal six pearls from the holt of Lutra, while many other creatures attempt to stop them, and bring down their fortress. This book is part of the Redwall series, and I think it is a really good book!

Ticktock Banneker's Clock
by Shana Keller

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We have been learning about clocks this year and I really liked this book because you can see how people made old clocks in the old times.

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